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    $245 per truckload plus tax (1-2 laborers load in about 20 mins.)

    When I arrive to load the truck(s) you have all the items bagged, boxed, and together in one group such as in your garage or on your driveway. I can load within 20 minutes so, I will not charge you for any additional labor time.

    $245 per truckload PLUS $20.00 per HOUR for each LABORER [helper; worker] (TWO LABORERS EACH at $20.00 per hour COSTS $40.00 per hour) plus tax.

    Customers will escort me into their home, point out what they want bagged, boxed, and removed. Sometimes items must be dismantled in order for me to lift them and/or get them out of the house. I will bring along a helper to assist in bagging, boxing, and carrying these items out of your house and into my truck.
    I will charge you $20.00 per hour + per laborer. For me and my helper, it will cost you $40.00 per hour for us to bag, box, dismantle, and/or carry everything you are hiring my company to remove.


    Sometimes a customer may be facing having to unclutter or empty an entire estate and removing the items by the truckload may be deemed impractical. Under these circumstances, you might consider hiring me and helpers to remove items by the dumpster load.

    One (1) ITEM PICK UP – from your garage or driveway ONLY: Cost = Up to $200.00

    This “Bulky Item Deal” does NOT include a piano, organ, or other “Special-Handling Item”.
    This offer – not to be combined with any other offer.


    Dresser – Washer – Lazy Boy – Toilet – Dining Room Table – Copy Machine – Ping Pong Table – Tabletop TV – Computer Desk
    Refrigerator – King-Size Mattress – Console TV – Air Conditioner – Bookcase – Sofa – File Cabinet – Bathroom Vanity – Dishwasher
    Hot Water Heater – Bureau – Luggage Set – Stereo – Lawn Tractor – Fish Tank – Door – 9′ x 12′ or smaller Rug – Range Stove


    Piano, Organ, Woodstove, Hot Tub, Furnace, Swimming Pool, Vehicle Engine, Projection TV, and/or other very heavy and/or large item(s) or which I will charge you more than the Bulky Item Deal Price. Call for more details.

    • Automobiles
      Hazardous chemicals (wet paint, acids, explosive, corrosive, flammable substances)
    • Construction (building) waste (piles of drywall, roof shingle, ceramic tiles, concrete, deck wood, etc)
    • Car or truck tires larger than 20″
    • No farm tractor, racing slicks, tractor-trailer
      Other items, at my discretion.

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